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This is no ordinary episode guide. You will not find out what happened scene by scene here. If you are looking for a story synopsis, go to this site instead. What you will find here is my blow by blow account of each and every moment of Neil and Christy interactions including scenes that reference or infer their relationship. In other words, this is a guide to the series based on Neil and Christy moments.

Now, here is the fun part. Here is where you find the Swoon Meter. The Swoon Meter is a scale whereby I rate the swoon factor of each episode based on Neil and Christy interactions.

The Episodes:
Many Are Currently Under Development
PAX Miniseries Choices of the Heart
Part I: A Change of Seasons
Part II: A New Beginning
PAX Christy The Movie
Return to Cutter Gap
The 1994-95 CBS Series
The Pilot Episode
Both Your Houses
Lost and Found
A Closer Walk
Judgment Day
Eye of the Storm
Amazing Grace
The Sweetest Gift
To Have and To Hold
The Hunt
A Man's Reach
Secret Story
The Lie
The Hostage
Green Apples
Babe in the Woods
Second Sight
The Road Home

How this works: Even though MacNeill causes major swooning among his female fans every time he tenderly smiles, says a word in his sexy Scottish brogue or when a recalcitrant curl falls across his forehead, the Swoon Meter will not be invoked for those reasons, unless they involve Christy. Nor will it be used for sweet looks, teary blue eyes or beautiful smiles from Christy that all of her male fans ohh and ahh over, as those moments will only rate when they involve MacNeill. Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I have got to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise things could get waaaay out of control!
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Neil & Christy
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