Lost and Found
Episode Written by Pamela K. Long

Swoon, swoon, swoon
He charms her and her class; she subtly swoons; they have a "birds and the bees" discussion; she denies swooning; Later she watches him work; she seriously swoons. Sounds pretty swoony to me!

What is going on here: An examination of the title of this episode is in order as there are a lot of things literally and symbolically lost and then found again. Friendships, family, community, couples, all pass through rituals of being lost and then found. And Christy who is accuesd of running a courtin's school by one of the mountain father's, loses respect among and then regains it. Not only that, but her conflicted feelings for MacNeill undergo several evolutions of interest, followed by confusion, and finally fascination as well.
The Details: Coming Soon!             
Best swoon moment: I love the teasing banter between the two about the birds and the bees. He is totally charming in that scene, and he drives her to distraction. She gets really flustered with him (can you say hot and bothered?) Yet, the moment that she notices MacNeill during Little Burl's surgery is quite something else too. She is swooning all over herself about him right then. And he notices it. Got to love these subtle sexual overtones. It is amazing to me how much heat these two can generate between the two of them with just looks and body language. Swoon. Swoon.

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