Related Links    The continuing popularity of Christy, the series and the book by Catherine Marshall on which the series was based, is due in some degree to the medium you are now experiencing--that of the Web. In early 2000 when word got out that PAX TV would be producing three new Christy movies, the network found itself besieged by emails, telephone calls, snail mails and other forms of communication from the large body of Christy fans who heard of the Pax project through email list postings, newsgroups and web sites. These fans rallied around their favorite show to let PAX know who and what they wanted in these movies.
    I am so proud to have been part of that effort and through the process have come to appreciate the incredible power of this medium that I work in. Here are some of the delightful places you can go on the web to learn more about these wonderful characters and the series.

Dr. Neil MacNeill

Recommended Sites for more
Neil and Christy Info

Christy Rudd Huddleston
The Official Stewart Finlay-McLennan Web Site and Fan Club
   ChristyFest™: An annual festival in Townsend Tennessee to celebrate Christy the TV series.
   ChristyFest Message Board: Message Board for all things Christy A Christy fan site
   Christy TV Series: DVD Review
   Christy, The Series: Wikipedia listing.
   Christy, The Series: IMDB Listing.
   Christy on Usenet: FAQ listings at
   Soulmates: The Ultimate Guide to Relationships, Christy and Neil are featured on the Unforgettable Pairs on Television Page
   Subscribe to the Christy mail list: This is the popular email list where you can become part of the Christy family of online fans.
   Archive of Christian Teens features on Christy 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
   Christy: The rebirth of a series.
   American Family Association on PAX Christy movies.
   LA Times on "Christy" wedding
   Archives of the website 1 | 2 | 3
   Christy, The Home Page: Adam Meath's nice site about Christy, the Series.
   Catherine Marshall's Masterpiece Christy: Fan site by Constance.
   Christy Episode Summaries: Written summaries of each episode of the tv series.
   Caught in Kellie's Web: The largest and best Kellie Martin fan site on the Web.
   Christy by Catherine Marshall: Go here to order the wonderful book on which the series/movies are based.
   Christy Web Ring: A definitive listing of all the Christy sites.
Christy FanFic

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