A Closer Walk
Episode Written by Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin

Not a Swoon in site
Summary: This episode is seriously Neil MacNeill light so nothing is happening here between the two.

What is going on here: This episode doesn't do much in the way of Neil and Christy, but it is useful for finding out more about two people that play major roles in Neil and Christy's relationship. We learn a great deal about the bond developing between Christy and Fairlight Spencer. Fairlight becomes one of Christy's dearest friends, and later Mrs. Spencer becomes one of the true facilitators of Christy and Neil MacNeill's relationship. We also get a glimpse into David Grantland's character that is none too flattering, but we do see him progress somewhat by the end of the episode. Yet we realize David is still immature and uncertain in the direction his life is to take, and we seriously start to question whether he would be a good choice for Christy. So pay attention to what is learned about Fairlight Spencer and David Grantland in this episode. It can't be coincidental that they are both key players in this episode and that one is to become the main facilitating character and one the main blocking character to Christy and Neil's romance.
The Details:The only scene between Christy and MacNeill occurs fairly late in the episode, and it is when MacNeill stops by the mission to tend to David's raw hands and to tell the preacher and Christy that Aunt Polly is near death and asking to see them. What we do appreciate about MacNeill here is that where normally he would have been an outspoken critic toward David's disputes with the mountain men, MacNeill wisely lets it go as I suppose he believes David feels bad enough as it is.
Best swoon moment: You won't find one concerning Neil and Christy here, so don't waste your time looking. But what I do recommend for a proper dose of romance is to rewind and watch the last few minutes of the episode where 92 year old Aunt Polly Teague finally passes away and she is reunited with her beloved Freeman. It will draw a tear or two, I promise. The story about Aunt Polly makes this a memorable episode, even if we have precious little Neil and Christy interaction.

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