Amazing Grace
Episode Written by Kathryn Ford

A Swoon or Two!
Summary: Even though this episode starts out very nicely with quality time spent between Neil & Christy, the swooning is dampened considerably when his supposedly dead wife shows up later in the episode!

What is going on here: This episode is a heart-breaker; I think the saddest episode of the entire series but also contains brilliant performances from 3 of its 4 leading actors: Kellie Martin, Stewart Finlay-McLennan and Tyne Daly.
The Details: Coming Soon!             
Best swoon moment: If you want to swoon, probably best to watch the first few scenes in the episode when Christy meets up with Neil at his Aunt Hattie's, and she offers to fix him dinner. The sweet scene of domesticity between the two in his cabin is quite nice. He is very content to have her there, and the two share several sexually-charged moments. However, just to offer a less obvious example, I actually have a few other scenes that score big swoon points with me in which we watch Christy's concern for MacNeill come out in several places in this episode, particularly the afternoon she slips away from the group gathered at Aunt Hattie's and she goes to check on him. MacNeill has locked himself in his laboratory distraught over the reappearance of his wife, and Christy is worried and tries to get him to come out of his lab and talk to her. She shows a real tenderness and compassion, and we can't miss how much she really cares for him. I personally think that this entire episode is one of Kellie Martin's finest performances on Christy. That is because during this episode Christy's expressive face and eyes reveal so much of the hurt and confusion that she holds inside as she tries to help the ones around her who are suffering the most from the reappearance of Margaret while also struggling herself with the realization that her close relationship with MacNeill is about to change because he has a wife who is alive.

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