Another of those incredible moments from
Choices of the Heart Part II

When Christy is suffering from a very serious, raging fever and MacNeill thinks he may lose her, he finally breaks down and prays to God for forgiveness and for His grace. This is one of the most famous and most profound moments in the novel, and this scene from Choices of the Heart did not disappoint in the least.

Christy hears MacNeill's prayerDear God, Hear my prayers. I understand now--I accept the truth. You are the power, the creator of all. Everything. Even my love for Christy, is your making.

I confess that I have been stiff-necked and proud. I thought that I alone as a doctor had the power to heal her. But I realize I am helpless against your will.

I am not worthy of anything, least of all your favor. I know that you have the power over her life, and mine. Our lives are in your hnads. You and you alone can save her, not I.

In your name I confess my sins and ask for your forgiveness. I accept the grace you bestow. Thy will be done.

MacNeill in prayer
MacNeill praying
Thank you.