Oral Exam

Captions Submitted

From CindyK, Webmaster: Dr. MacNeill about to give Christy a very thorough oral exam.

From Anna: Christy thinks--"I really like his idea of what to do while waiting for this storm to pass!"

From Renee K: Dr. MacNeill makes Christy an offer she can't refuse.

From gap: "Air traffic control to Neil MacNeill: You're cleared for landing."

From Shari Ann: "Really Christy, this is a much more accurate way to take your temperature."

From D.R. Sr.: Christy--"Dr. MacNeill, are you sure this is the first step of Lesson 1 of CPR?!"

From SarahJ: Christy *thinking*-- "I am an engaged woman, I am an engaged woman. Oh! But he is sooo cute!!! One little peck never hurt anyone!"

From Marcy: Ruby Mae is peeking in the window saying--"Doc and Christy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..."

From Marcia: Christy thinks--"The new lipstick really works! My lips ARE more kissable!"

From L.A.: Dr. MacNeill--"Christy, hold still. I promise this won't hurt one little bit and you will feel so much better afterward."

From Mary Ann: Christy thinks to herself--"Ohhh, this is gonna be really good! It's about time!!!"

From Lana: At long last the two of them ran out of things to argue about and decided to take up a new hobby together.

From Susan B.: Christy thinks--"Finally all that practicing with David Grantland I did will be put to good use!"

From Joni: Christy--"Neil MacNeill! If you do to me what I think you are about to do, I may just have to slap you. But I promise later to run out in the storm and fall down just so I can be in your arms again, ok?"

From Maya: Christy thinks to herself--"David who?"

From Leigh: Christy thinks--"Well, I guess this wouldn't be the appropriate time to invite him to my and David's wedding."

From Gwen: Christy--"Wait, wait. I'm not through yelling at you yet....oh, never mind. I think I like this better."

From M: Doc MacNeill-- "Christy, I read in a medical journal about a new physical therapy treatment. Would you care to try it?"

From James Taylor: "Lie back and say aaagh!"

From Summer: ""Oh wait I can't do this, But who'll know it'll be fun and this is what I've been waiting for. Ok ok.""

From A New Beginning, Part II of the Christy mini-series, Choices of the Heart

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