The tension mounts

Caption by Tom Blomquist: "Neil and David are stunned when Tom informs them that only ONE of them can carry Christy across the honeymoon threshold."

Other Captions Contributed:

From me: "Tom McHone referees MacNeill and Grantland in a highly competitive game of pass the female."

From Shari Ann: "Reverend Grantland, trying yet again to minister to the mountain people, offers to help 'bear Neil's burden'."

From Lisa Renee: "Dr. MacNeill: 'Hand her over, bub. *I* am the choice of Christy's heart.'"

From Anna D: "Christy thinks, 'Wow! That new perfume I put on this morning works really, really well.'"

From Beverley: "Shall we dance?"

From Regina: "Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo..."

From Jess Mc: "Christy thinks 'Oh! I must have misunderstood. I thought they both said they wanted to marry me, not carry me!'"

From Ros1: Looking at David, Christy thinks "If only he knew, he doesn't have a prayer!!"

From Beth L. who quotes the great Lauren Bacall: "What are you trying to do? Guess her weight?"

From Sherry: "Get lost, David. Read the book! I'm marrying Neil."

From Margaret: "Make no mistake, she's MINE!" "No, she's MINE!" "Mine!" "Mine!"

From Jenn: Neil - "Hands off David! I saw her first!"

From Jenn: Tom - "Didn't your mothers ever teach you to share?"

From Debra S: Neil - "Sorry, David, you're too late. I've already swept Christy off her feet."

From Valleylass: "How embarrassing! If only Bird's Eye were here. HE wouldn't need help carrying me!!!"

From Anonymous: Christy- "I know I suggested a staring contest, but this is ridiculous..."

From Renee: "Now boys!! This ain't Finders Keepers!! Both of you need to put her down and behave until we can watch the end of the mini series and find out which one of you gets to keep her."

From Leslie: Christy thinks "This is not fair! I don't want to choose!! Why can't I have them both?"

From Kilene: Neil - "Ok Grantland this is how we'll decide, when I count to three we'll toss her up and see where she lands. Heads or tails?"

From Melissa: Christy - "David get a clue, I already turned you down one time. It's Neil I want!"

From Jeff: Tom McHone -"Ok guys. You are both pathetic. This wasn't what I meant when I said let's go out and try to pick up some chicks."

From Jenny: Christy thinks - "Oh they sure know how to flatter a takes two of them to carry me?!"

From Sonla: Tom - "Doc, you won't me to hold 'im here while you 'uns make a get away?"

From Sonla: David - "You got to carry her when she fell in the creek with Theo, It's my turn." Tom - "Yeah, Doc he's right." Neil - "The first night she was here, you carried her in from the rain." Christy thinks - "This is getting nowhere; time they are done arguing I'll be able to walk."

From Ganymede: "It takes three to tango."

From SarahJ: David--"Now Doctor, Christy really wants me. I carry her and thats that." Neil--"You've got to be kidding me man! I'm the one who just saved her life." Tom--"Now Reverand, the Doc's right. He did save Christy's life......" David--"Who's side are you on anyway?!" Christy--"I had a fever, not a broken foot!!"

From Lana: Christy--"Ok, Ok, Ok! I know how to settle this once and for all. I'm thinking of a number between one and ten. Neil, you go first. What number am I thinking off?"

From Kim: Christy narrating--"It was at that point that I finally made my choice. The heck with both of them."

From Tecno Kid: "Neil and David sets the dazed Christy up for Tom McHones's target practice."

From Mary R: Christy thinks--"Whoa, wait a second. I thought NEIL was carrying me-or was it DAVID. Now I'm seriously confused they BOTH want to CARRY me and they both want to MARRY me. Where's Miss Alice when you need her?"

From Len: Christy tells herself, "Hey, this job as school teacher in a backwoods mission is turning out to be a pretty good thing...I mean afterall, how great is it to have not one but two good looking men fighting over me. Wow!"

From Bob & Linda: Christy looking at David--"I can see that he is stressed out. That pimple is the size of the COVE!"

From Mary: Christy thinks--"Whoa, wait a second. I thought NEIL was carrying me-or was it DAVID. Now I'm seriously confused they BOTH want to CARRY me and they both want to MARRY me. Where's Miss Alice when you need her?"

From Stephanie: Tom declares, "Three really is company too."

From Alesha-Ranee: Christy--"My mother told me to pick the very best one, and David's not it!"

From Stephanie: Christy--"Why can't they think about both carrying me over threshold?"

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From A New Beginning, Part II of the Christy mini-series, Choices of the Heart
Photo from PAX Press Kit for Choices of the Heart.

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