Live Q & A with Christy & Neil

On June 26, 2001, Stewart and Lauren in character joined the fans in a chat room for the first ever Live Q & A with newlyweds Christy and Neil MacNeill. This is an edited transcript of the event.

07:59:33 PM EST
(Christy/Lauren enters.)
ChristyFan4Ever: Christy just entered the chat room.
Cindy K: Yes. Mrs. MacNeill are you here?
Christy/Lauren: I sure am.
Christy/Lauren: Is my husband here yet??
Cindy K: No. He will be here shortly.
Cindy K: Mrs. MacNeill how are you feeling tonight?
Christy/Lauren: I am wonderful thank you.
Cindy K: We are so glad that you could come. I am sure Dr. MacNeill is on a house call and will be here momentarily.
Christy/Lauren: He is always late.
Christy/Lauren: If not he'll have an earful when we get home.
Cindy K: Christy did you teach today or is school out in Cutter Gap?
Christy/Lauren: School is out for the summer.
Cindy K: Hmmm the good doctor is a bit late....he must be up in Low Gap, and we miss him.
Marilyn: Maybe we can have a word from BirdsEye here while we're waiting
Cindy K: Great idea. Mr. Taylor, how are you tonight? Glad you could come.
Christy/Lauren: Is BirdsEye here?
BirdsEye: Fine as frog hair
Christy/Lauren: I guess so! How are you?
Cindy K: BirdsEye would you like to say hi to Mrs. MacNeill?
BirdsEye: Howdy, Mrs. Sorry I missed the weddin'.
Christy/Lauren: Well, you were certainly missed.
Cindy K: OK I will start with a question for Mrs. MacNeill. Are you ready for your first question?
Christy/Lauren: Yes.
Cindy K: Marcy who is not here asks, Who caught the bouquet at your wedding?
Christy/Lauren: Well Ruby Mae did, and I'm sure you can imagine how excited she was.
Cindy K: Thanks. I bet she was
Christy/Lauren: She still talks about it non-stop.
(Dr. MacNeill/Stewart enters)
Cindy K: Hello Dr. MacNeill are you there now?
Christy/Lauren: You're late, sweet pea.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well, well I've finally worked out this fangled contraption.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Please don't call me sweet pea. It's that Jeb Spencer you're reminding me of.
allyschild: Mrs. MacNeill, do you plan to continue teaching the children?
Christy/Lauren: Yes I do plan to continue teaching, until we start our own family.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Come my love, aren't you going to describe that beautiful honeymoon?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Where's my wife?
Christy/Lauren: Right here.
allyschild: How are you handling your religious conversion?
Cindy K: Ohh tough question.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: It's not really that problematic. I just have a lot more conversations with God now.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Don't you want to know what happened right after the wedding?
Cindy K: Settle down Dr. MacNeill all in good time
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh Come on now where's my wife?
Christy/Lauren: Sweetheart, are you a bit wound up?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well you know how it is. I'm excited about something finally!
Christy/Lauren: I know!
Amber: When are you planning on starting your family, and how many children would you like to have?
Christy/Lauren: I want at least 3 children and hopefully soon.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well lots. That's all I can say. I've always wanted a big family, after all I'm an only child you know.
Amber: Sounds nice! Thanks!
Arinda: Are you truly a romantic at heart, MacNeill, because you seem to be one? What's the story?
Christy/Lauren: I can tell you that he truly is.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well look at who I'm in love with and you too would get carried away in the romance of it all. I've spent so long alone.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Why don't you tell them about the trip to Scotland, my darling.
Christy/Lauren: Oh darling, I know how excited you were to share with everyone, why don't you start?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Let's talk about your seasickness. Lucky you had your own doctor.
Christy/Lauren: Yes, it was lucky.
Cindy K: Oh you got seasick on your honeymoon. How sad.
Christy/Lauren: Only for the first few days.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: What about that view from the castle window on the Isle of Barra!
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh yes and that incredible fireplace in the bedroom. I'm thinking of knocking down the cabin and starting fresh.
Christy/Lauren: Wouldn't that be great!
Christy/Lauren: Maybe even a bathroom!
Cindy K: Really?
Beth01: Does neil snore?
Christy/Lauren: He certainly does!
Beth01: BTW, I am an Aussie.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I've heard good things about Aussies.
Christy/Lauren: I've heard many things myself.
bitsmom: What "changes" to the MacNeill household did Christy bring and what are both of your reactions to them?
Christy/Lauren: When I first moved in it took some adjusting. Mr. MacNeill was not exactly a neat freak.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh that's hardly fair my dear. The odd thing here and there but not too bad for a Cutter Gap residence.
Christy/Lauren: No, It was just a little dark, nothing a few curtains and pictures couldn't fix.
Christy Fan: So do you both want to live in Cutter Gap forever?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I'll not live in Cutter Gap forever. It wouldn't be fair to Christy.
Cindy K: I have a quick question What are your pet names for each other?
Christy/Lauren: Sweet pea, darling, doctor.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: If you must know, mine for Christy is lollies.
Cindy K: That is sweet, Christy. And what does that mean, Neil?
Christy/Lauren: You weren't supposed to tell them that!
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: It means sweets, which she is indeed.
ChristyB: I have a question for each of you. Neil, will you two be returning to Baltimore to finish your work there? Christy, how did your parents react to the change in wedding plans?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I have to admit Baltimore really is not the place for me though I will continue my research.
ChristyB: At home in Cutter Gap, Neil?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Why not? Plenty of cases to follow. Let someone else do the lab work.
Christy/Lauren: My parents were very supportive. They just wanted me to be happy, and I think deep down they knew who the right man was.
Cindy K: I am sure they did.
ilovechristy: What would you name your first child?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Duncan.
Christy/Lauren: Rose.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: You never told me that.
Christy/Lauren: After your great grandmother.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Of course. What was I thinking.
ChristyFan4Ever: What if you had timed your return to Cutter Gap wrong, Neil, and Christy was already married when you returned. Neil - would you have professed your feelings anyway or kept them stashed away forever? and Christy - what would you have done if he had told you his feelings after you were wed? Or...would you not have married David at all?
Cindy K: Ohh, tough one
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I would have done the gentlemanly thing and stepped aside. Of course it was my biggest fear in returning.
Christy/Lauren: I wouldn't have gone though with it.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: That's good to know my dear.
ChristyFan4Ever: Aww, that's so sweet. Well, I'm glad you came home at the right time, Neil, because you two were meant for each other!!
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Timing is everything. For once I had it.
crhm12: Did the residents of Cutter Gap give you a shivaree?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: They gave us that and a chim chimminy.
crhm12: lol
Santis: You've selflessly served the people of Cutter Gap for many years, Dr. MacNeill. Do you find it more difficult to be so passionate about your work now that you have a loving wife waiting for you at home?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: It's true my days are far longer now I have my beautiful wife waiting to see me. But people must be taken care of. I hope Christy can understand.
Christy/Lauren: And of course I do.
daniaele: What annoying habits does he have/she have?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: If you must know, she wakes up singing in the morning. Now I don't mind a tune now and then but Christy could do with a wee bit of vocal training. Sorry my dear.
Christy/Lauren: My wonderful husband snores louder than anything I've heard.
daniaele: lol
daniaele: thanks
debra s.: How is Christy's cooking and interior decorating coming along? Christy, are you becoming a good mountain wife?
Christy/Lauren: As best I can.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: That is patently untrue, Christy.
Christy/Lauren: Of course it is sweetheart.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: As you know Christy graduated from the Ruby Mae culinary institute, whose motto is you can never have enough possum.
Christy/Lauren: I love possum!
Christy/Lauren: It is actually quite amazing the creations I come up with.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well you may love possum, but I mean possum for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I admire your frugality, darling, but enough's enough!
Christy/Lauren: Maybe you would like to try cooking some day?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I can cook trout, and then there's my favourite, haggis with porridge.
Cindy K: Icckkk haggis!
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Nothing wrong with haggis. It's good for the digestion.
Essay: Dr. MacNeill has the river and fly fishing for his "stress therapy." Mrs. MacNeill, what is your form of "stress therapy?' Keeping in mind this IS a family forum.
Christy/Lauren: Actually my wonderful husband has taught me to fish.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Yes, I've taught you a few things, haven't I?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: You should see the fish in Scotland. Even Christy caught a few.
Christy/Lauren: With your help, of course.
Felininity: Hello, Dr. & Mrs. MacNeill & thanks for your good humor. How do the two of you plan to cope with Dr. MacNeill's long absences away from home? Does the Dr. plan to change his way of seeing patients?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I'm trying to get Christy away from the mission to do galloping rounds with me, but she does have the children to teach.
Christy/Lauren: It is hard for both of us, but I understand that the whole community needs him.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: But not like you do, my love.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh I almost forgot. I purchased the most wonderful set of bagpipes in Scotland. I can't wait to start my practicing.
gap: Now that the road to El Pano is finished, will you be trading in your horse for a Model T?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: No Model T for me just yet. I'm looking at a motorcycle though.
Heartland: Have you had your first argument yet? What was it about?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: First let's just agree that I love a good argument as does my beautiful wife. It's our foreplay as it were.
Cindy K: Oh my!
Janis: What is the most surprising thing you've learned about him/her since the wedding? (keep it clean, Doc (lol))
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Christy has the most beautiful drawings that she has had for much of her growing up. She is a very talented artist. I want her to paint instead of just sketching.
Christy/Lauren: Neil has an incredible voice.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh yes, and she bathes twice a day even in the winter.
Christy/Lauren: I always ask him to sing for me.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh Cambletown Loch I wish you were whisky. Cambletown Loch och eye. Oh Cambletown Loch I wish you were whisky. I would drink you dry.
Christy/Lauren: I love it when you sing!
Cindy K: You two are something else.
Jennykl: Any of you heard from David? What's he up to?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Who?
Christy/Lauren: He is back in Cutter Gap now, he left for a while.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh, David. Well, I'll have to have a chat with him.
Karen K.: Christy, have you taken over the nursing duties from Miss Alice, or do you still faint at the sight of blood?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: She still faints at the sight of anything red.
Christy/Lauren: Ohh, I still get queasy.
Kristin: What were your wedding gifts to each other?
Christy/Lauren: Eternal love.
Kristin: And MacNeill?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I gave her a locket which I purchased on our honeymoon. It's gold and has the family crest on one side and a heart on the other which has a sword running through it representing my undying love. Oh yes and a wonderful fly rod!
Christy/Lauren: He taught me how to dance.
Kristin: LOL! Thanks ya'll!
la3cats: Do the children treat you 2 different?
Christy/Lauren: in what way?
la3cats: Knowing their teacher is married?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: The children know not to mess with me. Christy is a little soft with them, I think.
Christy/Lauren: Really?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well you know they bring their animals to the classroom. They make you stay late to read to them.
LadyJ: Do you ever have lavender wine in the cove and does the wine make Dr. MacNeill more romantic (if that is possible)?
Christy/Lauren: Neil likes a nice glass of wine after a long day; that's how I get him to sing to me.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I'm a great fan of wine, but Christy won't touch the stuff.
Lbcdawn: Well I am sorry I don't have a gift, but could you answer a question for my husband?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well come on woman!
Christy/Lauren: Me?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Not you my dear.
Lbcdawn: excuse me! haha He wants to know what your expectations are for your wife...and what her expectations are for you...just general of course.
Lbcdawn: and calm down...Christy isn't leaving or anything
Christy/Lauren: No expectations, just to be happy and stay madly in love.
Lbcdawn: Ahh, that's too easy. Surely you expect something in an understanding ear...even when he is tired.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: My expectation is that she be my side just as I would be by hers. Christy is already more in a woman than I could ever wish for.
Lbcdawn: Well see that wasn't so hard...thanks for trying...and quit fighting you two...its scaring the kids.
leftylass: I think that Neil has been in the moonshine tonight. Neil, how did Christy tell you she wanted to marry you, and Christy how did Neil react.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: She looked at me when David carried her off and at that moment I realized she was mine.
Christy/Lauren: Neil took me in his arms and gave me the sweetest kiss!
leftylass: How sweet, thanks.
Christy/Lauren: And no slap that time.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Hold on a wee minute, didn't you kiss me?
Christy/Lauren: Maybe.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Come on, Christy, tell the truth. You practically ambushed me in the stable. Even Duke was blushing.
Christy/Lauren: Neil MacNeill, I don't know what you're talking about!
Christy/Lauren: Even if I did, a lady would never tell!
Cindy K: Boy, this is juicer than any fan fiction. LOL
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: If you want juicy then you'll have to ask about the honeymoon.
Cindy K: Settle down Dr. MacNeill you are a pill tonight!
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Who me?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: it was a dark stormy night that first night in Scotland. The fogs were rolling in over the glen. I had a huge fire burning at the other end of the bedroom. I can recall how scared Christy was but she told me that this was indeed just like a dream she had once when she was a child.
Cindy K: OK I have to make a quick announcement. Christy has to be up very very early and she tells me she needs to go very soon.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Well Christy you know how to dampen as well as ignite this man's fire.
Mallen: What's the qualities that you like most in a woman, just curious?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I like an independent spirit, a kind voice, a sympathetic ear and a willingness to take a risk or two.
Mary H.: Doc-Do you hope to help Christy teach more often? and Christy-Do you hope to go on house calls?
Christy/Lauren: Sure.
Mhilda: Christy, is MacNeill as totally lovely as he sounds/seems after marriage?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Yes he is.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Has my love departed?
Christy/Lauren: Even better, every day he surprises me with his loving, generous, thoughtful, and clever ways.
BirdsEye: Howdy, Doc. I hear tell you and the misses might be in my neck of the woods in a few weeks. Just wanted to invite you two over for some of my very own "shine"...fresh from the mission's cornfield to your gullet. Come set a spell on my porch.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Oh BirdsEye, you're a terrible man.
BirdsEye: Now, Doc. Where else do you get that "medicine" from?
Christy/Lauren:I would be delighted, but Neil might have to stay away from the moonshine.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Glad to know you've made a new batch that last lot has been good for starting fires and sterilizing my instruments.
BirdsEye: OK, Miz Christy. I think the Doc done insulted my brew!
Cindy K: Mrs. MacNeill, thank you for coming, and I know you have to go Dr. MacNeill, we would like you to stick around and answer a few more questions please.
Christy/Lauren: Sorry I have to leave everyone, but I'm tutoring Ruby Mae bright and early.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Bye my love. See you in the movies.
Christy/Lauren: Bye sweet pea. I'll see you soon.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I love you Christy.
(Christy/Lauren leaves.)
millsprings: Neil, let's say that someone were to write a book about your married life with Christy. What would the title of that book be?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Fast and furious.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: How we bridged the gap.
newNeilfan: Well, I guess some one can relay this to Christy. I wanted to say, I'm glad Christy's better now, Neil. I know what it's like to be sick like that.
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Illness is a terrible thing.
newNeilfan: Yes, it is.
Nifty: I was wondering if you could describe your honeymoon more, as in what all did you see and do?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: As I have said, we took this ship to Scotland. I showed Christy the castle ruins of my ancestor, and we took some time just exploring the highlands. I showed her some of my old haunts from medical school. We just had the most romantic time far away from the gap and all its distractions.
Nifty: That sounds lovely
ProverbDoll: Neil: What did you think when you found out Christy was going to marry David? And how did you react?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: It made me sick to my stomach. Seriously, I knew that I must act or return once more to my loneliness.
radrain: What characteristics (if any) did Margaret have that you wish Christy displayed? Are there any that David displays that you think Christy would like you to?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Margaret was a very good Cook, believe it or not. As for David, well I wish I could have his restraint sometimes.
rebekkah: Neil, when you returned to Cutter Gap, did you simply intend to be honest with Christy and make your feelings known or did you expect her to accept your confession right away? Were you surprised at her reaction?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I just knew I had to act. I couldn't sit and ponder how she would react. It was very, very difficult to let her know of my love because it would make me vulnerable and of course it might not have worked out.
Cindy K: Thank you Dr. MacNeill so much for talking to us. Do you have any parting words for us?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: Just know that whilst I may only exist in fantasy, the journey has been most wonderful, and I thank you all for taking it with me. Love to all from Mac.
Theresa: Thanks, Doc MacNeill, we love you both
sonjaSFM: Maybe see you again in the movies! Nite
radrain: Say thanks to Christy for us!
Essay: Thank you for creating a wonderful MacNeill for us. We are very appreciative, especially of your taking the time to play around with us tonight.
MichelleP: Take special care of your new bride!
Tamina: I wanted to know if The Doctor and Christy had a song that they called their own?
Tamina: And if he still kissed with his eyes open LOL!
Cindy K: Dr. MacNeill can you answer Tamina?
Dr. MacNeill/Stewart: I like to see what I'm kissing for heaven's sake, woman. Bye.
(Dr. MacNeill/Stewart leaves.)
10:30 PM EST

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