Wedding Congratulations from fans to Neil and Christy MacNeill
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From the Webmaster, Panama City beach, FL: What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for letting us all be a part of it. I promise to leave you alone long enough for the honeymoon. (VBG)

From Sonja, Burnsville, MS: Wishing you all the best!

From Marcy, Freeport, FL: I am so happy for you both. I really did cry at your wedding. (The MacNeills are so cool).

From Pammy, Orangevale CA: Well it's about time! Congrats!

From Claudette, The Philippines: Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!

From Leslie, Birmingham, AL: Looks like a marriage made in heaven to me. Congratulations to the newlyweds.

From Jess Mc, Orlando, FL: Congratulations!! What a great couple. Dr. MacNeill you are a very lucky man. (P.S. Christy, when you get tired of him, just remember to give Jess a call.)

From Jess W., Launceston, Tasmania, Australia: You deserve each other.

From Alicia, Dickson City, PA: I was glad that they did hook up.

From Veronica, Dumont, NJ: To Christy and Neil, two hearts that beat as one, forever! I wish you all the happiness in the world! I'm completely overjoyed!

Frpm Craig and Lisa, Archdale, NC: Woo hoo! Glad to see the two of you get hitched! Congratulations!

From MichW, The Great White North (Canada): Comments: I'm PAX-less (& movie-less), but couldn't bear the suspense and asked a friend to tell me. Woo-hoo! Congratulations to the happy (albeit fictional!) couple.

From Christy B, Bolivar, MO: Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you! You make the perfect couple!

From Viola, IL: As a long time watcher of the Christy series. All I have to say is she made the right choice. It's about time!!

From Melissa, Churchill, NC: I have waited for this moment for a long time. I could not be happier. Congratulations to the happy couple! Thanks for all the hard work!!! My best to Dr.& Mrs. MacNeill!

From Suzannah, Louisville, KY: I was so glad to see another episode in the "Christy" saga! It's great that Christy and Neil finally got together! I look forward to more movies!

From Helen Jean, Grandville, MI: I am so pleased and delighted that Christy made the right and perfect choice. Congratulations to the new family/couple. I am so grateful to have had the privilege of learning the joyous end. Thank you. I will so very much miss sharing time with them both.

From Kilene, Auburn, WA: It's about time! LOL ;) Congrats on the happy couple and hope you have many years of happiness....OOPS! You already did! :)

From Shari Ann, Thousand Oaks, CA: The wedding of the century (actually two centuries) and we were invited! What a fine looking couple. I can just imagine all the adventures ahead of them...

From Rachel, Orem, UT: Congratulations! I knew you would find your way to each other.

From Jessica, Chicago, IL: CONGRATS! You two are the luckiest couple alive! It was worth waiting so many years to see your wedding (I KNEW it was meant to be!!) I bawled at your wedding and my family made and ate wedding cake right along with you!

From Diana A., Buffalo, New York: A match made in heaven!!! Can't wait to hear the little pitter patter of little Macneill's...All the best.

From Michelle, St. Paul, MN: May your days together be long and happy. You are meant for each other.

From Melissa, Fulton, NY: You guys make an awesome couple !!! Christy I would have died if you had married David ! What a geek he was !! But Neil is gorgeous

From Hannah S., Sacramento, CA: I've been waiting for this day since I first started watching "Christy." Congratulations!!!

From Angela, Fort Worth, TX: Woohoo! I am so very happy to see Neil and Christy together as man and wife, at long last! I'll be swooning forevermore.

From Eve E., Fort Worth, TX
: Just wanted to say CONGRATS! :O) Best wishes and hope to see more shows.

From Rose B., Atlanta, GA: Hooray you two. I am a happy happy person. Enjoy your honeymoon!

From Kimberly, Tampa, FL: Joyful congratulations to one of the greatest couples in fiction! :) Neil and Christy MacNeill: truly a match made in novelistic (and cinematic) Heaven.

From Marie, Hagerstown, MD: May the sunshine bright upon your face, may the wind be always at your back and May love and happiness be with you forever.

From Lee S., Auburn, AL: You had the most beautiful and romantic wedding. Many happy returns.

From Justine, Macon, GA: I am so happy! You two are such a beautiful couple. I am throwing rice now.

From Linda, Buffalo, NY: In honor of the wedding I planted bee balm (Christy's bouquet) in our garden today!

From Desiree, Lacey, WA: Congratulations on your wedding! We've been waiting for this for some time!

From Tony, Jacksonville, FL: A really nice wedding and what a beautiful story.

From Meredith, Jacksonville, FL: Congratulations! I didn't think I would ever get to see this perfect event.

From Francine, San Diego, CA: Your wedding was so sweet and I have been waiting for it for a long time. I cried it was so wonderful. All the best to you.

From Sam, Montgomery, AL: Much happiness and joy. Hope to spend more time with you soon in the near future. May your love continue to grow and enrich you.

From Erin, Cheyenne, WY: I can't wait to see the honeymoon photos. I hope there are little MacNeills running around soon.

From: Josie, Bridgewater, NJ The future now has a brighter outlook! Your wedding coming to fruition takes my breath away. The best man won the bride! :)

From: Heather, Eugene, OR Congratulations Christy and Neil. You are the best couple ever. I wish you a long and happy marriage.

From: Sarah, The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee I loved the movie, I hope there's more! You all were great!!

From: Becca, Orlando, FL I am so happy for you! It was a match made in Heaven! Christy, you are very lucky. You two will have a great life together!!

From: Tamina, Murray, UT: I'm so happy! Joy! Joy! Joy! May you always be happy; today, tomorrow and always.

From Tarah, Indianapolis, IN: Congratulations!!

From Alice S. Alexandria, LA Way to go Christy! I bet your momma is proud of you marrying a doctor and all!

From Elizabeth O., San Antonio, TX At long last!! Dreams really do come true.

From Samantha & Steve, New Orleans, LA First rule--Never go to bed angry; stay up and fight instead. (But then the making up is worth the battle.)

From Brenda D., Columbus, OH Best wishes and a long happy life together.

From gap, Buffalo, NY I'm so happy to see you two crazy kids finally getting together--you had me worried there for a while! :) Congratulations to you both. (And Christy- you let him know who's the boss right from the start!) ;)

From Terri, Wakefield, MA Great wedding! Nice kiss! Congratulations!!

From Wynn, Lexington, KY Christy you made a beautiful bride. And MacNeill a very dashing groom. Best wishes and hope your life together is as exciting as the courtship. You had me on pins and needles!

From Beth, Londonderry, NH Congratulations on your marriage! Neil-your persistance paid off! I wish you both happiness in your marriage.

From Bonnie, Dallas, TX Thanks for the wonderful time swooning. The wedding was everything I hoped it would be.

From Roberta, San Diego, CA Love is the weapon which Omnipotence reserved to conquer rebel man when all the rest had failed--Tupper. Congratulations on finally getting it together.

From Lori, Norman, OK Well done! Christy and Neil are as swoony a fictional couple as Jane (Eyre) and Edward (Rochester) ever were!

From Barbara B., Oakdale CT Please continue this wonderful story, don't just let this be it. God bless you both, you have a great life now ahead,share and tell it to all, very refreshing. Love to both.

From Jo, Putnam Valley, NY So who painted just married on the side of the doc's horse? And just where did he take that blushing bride right after the wedding? Inquiring minds want to know!

From The Davis Family, Atlanta, GA We very much enjoyed your wedding. We all send our best wishes and love.

From SJT, Melbourne, FL May your dance at your wedding be the first of many as husband and wife. Congratulations to the MacNeills.

From Jessica, Lakeland, FL Congratulations! Finally your (and my) dream has come true!

From Eileen, Munster, IN I really enjoyed the episode! I've watched it over and over!

From Gail, Jackson, MS Next to my own recent marriage, this one I have waited for and wanted for many years. I am so happy that you are now wed. May you have much happiness and many beautiful children.

From Ashly, Geneseo, IL I am SO excited, and happy. Wow, I almost thought there for a minute that it would be David... I missed the show. But I'll see it soon hopefully!!!! WOW, Happy marriage to you both!!!

From Janice, Elizabeth, IN The next best thing to the wedding would be more movies of Christy & Neil.

From Hillary, New York City, NY Congratulations to a romantic couple whose union was written in the stars. May the magic never stop!

From Brie, Mantachie, MS Congrats!! Good pick guys!

From Lara, Tönisvorst, Germany Wish you all the best. My congratulations!

From Marilyn, Bettendorf, IA What a thrill to actually see the wedding I've visualized for so many years. It was timeless and romantic beyond words. A stirring testimony to the power of God's transforming love.

From Claudia, Lee, NH What a Great Wedding. Thanks for sharing it will all of as.

From Theresa, Emporium, PA I'm glad the choice is finally made. The best man won.

From Amber, Fruitland, MD Well, it's about time you two got hitched. It took you a while, Neil but you finally popped the question. Congrats to you both. I wish you well.

From Debra S., Olathe, KS May you two enjoy the dance of a lifetime to the joyful music in your hearts and may your love be a journey that never ends.

From Ruth S,, Akron, OH True love wins again! Congratulations!

From JW, Andalusia, AL I enjoyed the wedding. Christy was such a beautiful bride and Dr. MacNeill, well what can I say!!

From Beth J., Tyndall AFB, FL Seeing your wedding was a dream come true. I hope to see you more soon.

From Mary L., Valdosta, GA At long last the marriage that I have waited years to see. It was as beautiful as I had always hoped it would be.

From Bettina B., Boston, MA Whew! Christy, you had me worried there for a bit. But you at last got it together and made the right choice. I knew it just had to be you two together.

From Carrie, West Unity, OH Wish you both the best. Congratulations!

From Alesha-Ranee, Toorak, Victoria, Australia Congratulations to one of my favourite couples! I wish both the best of luck!

From Brenda S., Anchorage, AK Yeah Dr. MacNeill!! You got her! I am so so so happy. Christy, you made the right choice. What a fantastic wedding and great couple you two make.

From Lisa, Joplin, MO Hoo-ray! I knew Christy would make the right choice! She wanted to take the path less traveled by. That is also the reason she came to Cutter Gap!

From Steve W., Mobile, AL Thank you for finally getting together. We were getting tired of waiting for so many years. Thanks PAX! Congratulations Dr. and Mrs. MacNeill!

From Shanie, Newark, DE You made the right choice!

From Amy W., Trenton, MO Congratulations on the wedding. He is a great guy and you will be very happy.

From Scooter L., Denver, CO At long last, the union of this great couple. I knew they were both right for each other the first time I read the book. It is about time that a TV channel got it right. I can't wait to see what their married life will be like.

From Sarah, Palm Beach, FL Congratulations!! You two are perfect for each other. May your lives together always be wonderful. Can't wait to see all the little MacNeill's running around! =)

From Kelly, Troy, MO I hope you may always be as happy as you looked on the day of your wedding. Everyone wishes for their soul mates, and I believe you found each other. May you always be happy, Love Kelly

From Joshua, Fruita, CO I can't believe she broke David's heart but I liked her choice!

From Kim, Philadelphia, PA Hey Christy, and to think you almost married David. Congratulations on finally figuring out what everyone else knew all along. You and Neil are perfect for each other. Plus, the two of you just look so cute together. Now you can go be completely happy. (P.S. Took you long enough.)

From Sarah, Newport News, VA Congrats to Dr. and Mrs. MacNeill...Christy, you made an awesome choice...I would have done the same thing!

From Sarah, Wisconsin Your wedding was so sweet, I've been waiting for it for what seems like forever! But, I REALLY want to know what happens next, like, does Christy still teach, etc. Great wedding, think I have the video memorized by now! : )

From Sara, California I had tears in my eyes during your wedding. It was worth the wait to see you two kids getting married.

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